Mailing list mode + non-staff = no emails get sent

I cannot figure out what is wrong.

I am the sole admin of a support community using a Discourse instance.

I want to get an email every time a new topic is posted, but just myself, the only staff member.

  • I tested the email settings and I get the test email correctly.

  • I enabled the mailing list mode

  • I disabled the emails for non-staff

I never get any emails. What am I missings?

I am on version 2.8.0.beta10

Any help would be very much appreciated.

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Look in the mail logs under skipped, maybe.

You could try turning off disable emails. Maybe mailing list mode doesn’t work that way?


No emails are skipped, just they do not get sent.

The last time we had emails on we ended up sending thousands of emails every day so we disabled it.

What we are looking for is to send an email to staff every time there is a new topic, and send an email to the OP when a staff member replied to that topic.

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Looks like the issue was on email time window mins set too high.

Now it is back to 10 mins and emails are working


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