Mailing list mode "Send me an email for every new post" doesn't send mails for your own posts

Our users complaining a lot about the mailing list mode.

In Mailinglist mode “Send me an email for every new post” our user get all mails BUT their own mails. This mode should actually be activated with the second selection “Send an email for every new post except my own”. The first should really send all messages, even your own. Or did I understand sthg. wrong?

I just reviewed the code and am not seeing anything wrong.

option 1 in mailing_list_frequency is yes echo
option 2 is no echo

@Lilly tested this last year and it worked fine…


Thank you for your kind and quick response. :kissing_heart:

I already read these post and hoped for this feature to work. Sadly it doesn’t. Does mailinglist mode count for messages in groups too?

Here you can see the message stream with two messages of mine (1,2):

and how they don’t apear in my mailbox (just the both of Clau… are received):

This is my mailinglist configuration :thinking:

This is my notify configuration for this message thread:

Also checked my Email sent and skipped logs in Admin area… Both are empty

Is there another place in discourse where I can configure it? Some global option… or something

I also tried to answer to the message of Clau… in my email client too, sadly this won’t work too…

Thank you very much in advance

Yeah I think that is it, mailing list is only for topics, not for messages.

Can you use a secure category there?

I do not think we have an “echo” mode built for PMs/Group messages, that would be a new feature request.

I’ve tried this but, sadly it won’t work out because of Category not accepting "anonymous email" from known users - #28 by Simon_Manning

That would be nice. It is hard to explain to our users, that if they using mailing list mode is more a mailinglist-ish mode :smile: Even some won’t switch from our Mailman mailinglist, so for now we have two systems running but would like to switch to discourse absolutely.

We were very inspired by your use case, but we don’t have just one support group but a couple of them that’s why we need those permission regulations.

Thank you for your replies
cincerly bren

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