MailJet SMTP is Not Working

Hello, my forum uses MailJet as the SMTP server for my Discourse Forum. However, it seems as if the email system is not working. Below is an image of my email settings and the App.YML email configuration settings.

App.YML File E-Mail Configuration:

Also, sending a test e-mail gives me this error message:

I am also getting the warning “Outgoing email has been disabled for non-staff users.” when in the forum site.


I’m stuck between if I have incorrect SMTP credentials or my server cannot contact the SMTP server, since it says “Timeout to open TCP connection to (exceeds 5 seconds)

If anybody knows the reason or has a solution, please tell me. Thanks!

Is this a new site? Did anything change recently, such as migrating to a new server? :thinking:

You might want to check your disable emails setting (

First: does it work from the host?

telnet 587

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Thanks, that fixed the issue. Also, this is technically a new “site” since my forum shut down for a few months, then came back and I restored it via a backup.

I ran that command and this was the output:
Looks like it failed to connect.


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Ok, that means we can rule out Discourse, which simplifies things.

Next check your firewall rules, including those that may exist in the DO (looks like your server is hosted at Digital Ocean) control panel.

Also contact DO and if they’re blocking outbound email on 587 from the server. Ask them to remove that block.


Thanks, I’ve found out apparently Port 587 is blocked to prevent email spam. I’ve contacted the cloud provider for support. I will update you on this shortly.

You can try port 2525 instead.

We also Troubleshoot email on a new Discourse install


Yep, it was indeed a blocked port. I have resolved the issue now. Thanks!

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