Mailman to Discourse Migration

Hello Everyone,

I hope all is well.

I am facing some challenges trying to migrate from Mailman GNU to Discourse.

I configured POP and able to send emails to Discourse and create new topics. My question, can Discourse carry out a topic discussion strictly via emails.

The follow; a member sends an email to Discourse, then a new topic is created, then the category members get an email of the new topic, then members can reply back via email, and Discourse would keep adding the replies to the topic. Please let me know, any input is appreciated.



Sounds very similar to this: How to Use Discourse as a Private Support/Ticket System

It’s not support in your case but the mechanism is the same.

It is possible to do what you are asking, but personally I don’t recommend it. Better to let people start topics on the forum and let others reply to it either by email or on the forum. I’d take a look at this FAQ topic: