Maintenance Mode?

(Akhil K A) #1

Hi all,

Is there any way to put the website for Maintenance mode/coming soon mode?


(zh99998) #2

it exists and called ‘readonly mode’

(Akhil K A) #3

That I know, “Enable read-only mode while taking a backup”. But It will be automatically enabled during the update. I was asking for a manual mode.

(cpradio) #4

You can manually enable it too, just go to Admin > Backup > Enable read-only


Sorry with this bump, but I need to know if it possible set “read only mode” without backup.

Right now, I need to freeze all my members… how can I achieve that?

(Alan Tan) #6

The above sets the site to readonly mode without taking a backup.


Excuse me, but in /admin/site_settings/category/backups I’ve got:

readonly mode during backup

I do not have other “read only mode”. :frowning:

(Felix Freiberger) #8

That’s not the place @tgxworld sent you to. Go to /admin/backups , then click this button:


Ahhh my bad.

You’re right!

A thousand apologies to all :+1:

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