Maintenance page while docker takes time to rebuilt

Hi there,
Is there a slick way to get a maintenance splash page in place while the docker is rebuilding?
The host is an ubuntu 22.04 server ?
Should I just install nginx and splash a page that way.
I wish the discourse docker could still be running while the rebuild process is occuring. But I see that it rips down the current docker closer to the start of the build process.


You rarely need to upgrade from the terminal. Use the Upgrade page (Admin → Upgrade) and there is virtually zero downtime.

For the rare occasions when you need to upgrade from the terminal, see @Moin 's link


Thank you for all the great information. Our team is really enjoying discourse. Kudos to all the developers that contributed to this project.


If that’s something you can “just” do, then you can set up that nginx as a reverse proxy that will display the splash page if discourse is down.

You can do a two container install that does just that. This gives you downtime of just a minute while the new container starts up.

Which way is “easier” is a matter of opinion.

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