Make Brave content Creator

I think most of you know that brave browser has a new model of ads through the browser.
As user accepting to show these ads makes you earn rewards. The rewards are crypto currency you can donate them to your favorite websites and content Creators.

I’m not a programmer so i dont know how to code, my contribution is limited in this forum although am visiting everyday, also i’m not discourse customer so i use this awesome software without paying anything.
Making this forum to accept brave donations will make me able to give for what i take as appreciation to this awesome team building and maintaining this awesome software.

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Did you get a workaround of this?

I don’t think we’re going to enable this on Meta unless @codinghorror wants us to. We appreciate your desire to contribute, but we’re happy making Discourse for free on the web – no strings attached. If you can contribute to the community, any of our project repos, or by being a member of our hosting, that’s just icing on the cake for us!


Just do it those contributions can go to charity if Discourse doesn’t need them. Just my two cents.

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