Make Brave content Creator

I think most of you know that brave browser has a new model of ads through the browser.
As user accepting to show these ads makes you earn rewards. The rewards are crypto currency you can donate them to your favorite websites and content Creators.

I’m not a programmer so i dont know how to code, my contribution is limited in this forum although am visiting everyday, also i’m not discourse customer so i use this awesome software without paying anything.
Making this forum to accept brave donations will make me able to give for what i take as appreciation to this awesome team building and maintaining this awesome software.


Did you get a workaround of this?

I don’t think we’re going to enable this on Meta unless @codinghorror wants us to. We appreciate your desire to contribute, but we’re happy making Discourse for free on the web – no strings attached. If you can contribute to the community, any of our project repos, or by being a member of our hosting, that’s just icing on the cake for us!


Just do it those contributions can go to charity if Discourse doesn’t need them. Just my two cents.


I think that the main use for this will be small independent forums that would like to get some ad income without requiring any changes to their site. Provided they can get some of their users to use the Brave web browser then this might be enough to pay their hosting costs.

My development support forum runs in Discourse and I’ve recently signed up to be a Brave Verified Creator. Brave gave me some BAT (3.26USD) to get me interested so that will pay part of my 5USD hosting charge this month.

The forum will receive Brave Rewards as a multiple of the % of time I spend on Brave and the amount of BAT in my wallet which is based on ads I choose to view. The main imponderable is the amount of digital currency I can earn from viewing ads.

P.S. I received my first payment into my wallet. That is the equivalent of about half the Digital Ocean monthly charge USD5.00. That’s good but I appear to be the only user doing this so it will drop substantially after I move out of the startup phase.


Just an update, FYI.

The BAT Community forum is on Discourse.

Latest info is that there are 382,000 Brave browser publishers but the more interesting statistic, which is not there, would be what has been earned:


Just a suggestion to the OP, but when raising a subject off the usual topics, consider providing an authoritative link, e.g. or even Brave (web browser) - Wikipedia. Perhaps I’m just not down with the kids, but I’d never heard of the ‘Brave’ browser!