Make entire topic list td element a link

Right now if you see a list of topics you have to click the very specific title text to get to the topic.

My suggestion is to make the entire topic link element (generally a td) a link with a background hover of light blue so you know you can click. There’s no other items in the element to click on so why not make the whole thing a fat juicy link?


Possibly, though as I recall doing this requires markup changes.

But there are other elements which can be interacted with in that region of the topics list:

  • Tags appear below the title - linking to the tag not the post
  • soon the category will too
  • Topics which were started by pasting a URL into the title also include a direct link

If the goal is to use mouseover to imply ‘this is a big button’ then there are going to be areas where said mouseover is triggered, but the user won’t end up at the topic when they click.

There’s no parity for mobile either, due to the lack of mouseover.


I had forgotten the very-near-tag links.

Got it.


Ah yes, and with the coming change to put category (along with tags) underneath the title this change becomes even less viable. Sorry about that.

Still would be nice if possible to do w/ z-index so white-space behind cats/tags on full-size site goes to topic . . .

But if not, no big deal! Just a thought.