Excessive padding on Topic List partially prevents click on category link

With the current padding on .topic-list .main-link a.title:

Specially on mobile, you need to touch on the very bottom to go directly to the category.

That’s intentional, the tap area for categories was already borderline unusable so we increased the padding to always take you to the topic instead. We can probably increase it a little more to ensure that’s always the case.


If this is intentional, it means you’ll eventually get rid of the <a/> for the category?

I think this will remove a feature I use very often, it would be nice to be able to change this padding via CSS in my instance and still have the category link working – cause IMHO this is a regression.

There are some customizations that make it “more” usable (like the Category Icons component with the box setting for categories), but I was used to navigate through these category links here on meta too.

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No plans for it at the moment. We have a component we use to display categories the same way everywhere that includes the <a>, and it’s easier to cover it than do something differently to remove the link in this one place.

That’s a good point! something for us to keep in mind.