Make Personal Message button should add poster to topic

When someone posts a new topic, and I, as a moderator, feel that they instead should have contributed to the discussion in an existing topic (*), I have been using the “Make Private Message” button, and then I replied to the private message, assuming that the original poster would now find a reply to their private message.

However, it appears (if I see this correctly), that the original poster isn’t included in the now private thread and must first be added to it. This has caused quite a bit of confusion - me assuming that they received a private message with my reply when in fact they didn’t.

Am I missing a configuration setting, or is the default behavior here unintuitive and should be rethought?


(*) which may well be the case for this post here, although I did search the forum!


There was a bug some time ago


Thank you. I’m on 2.9.0.beta2 - will upgrade and see if this fixes it.