OP getting removed from PM when topic converted to PM?

I have a user who is saying that when they convert a topic to a PM, the original poster/topic owner is getting removed from the PM.

The process is to convert the topic to PM and then add the @support group. When that happens, the person who converted the PM (who is a member of the support group) gets removed from the PM (since that would duplicate his notifications), but the owner is also getting removed, so they then wonder why their post has been deleted.

It seems like adding the group to the PM is removing the topic owner.

I don’t see anything in the logs that suggests how this is happening.

Defunct test

I’ve just had a run through and encountered a similar/the same issue:

  • Create topic
  • Topic wrench → make private message
  • Invite a group

  • A member (though not the OP) gets removed by the system.

However, replying to the topic still sends the removed user a high priority notification, which seems to suggest they’re not ‘removed’ removed.

Edit: I mucked up the Test_Users in the Group, and borked the test. My apologies. I will try a clean one.

Fresh test (This time making sure my group user was not part of the original topic :slightly_smiling_face:)

This time I used a TL1 test user as my OP, rather than admin.

  • Create public topic as TL1 user
  • Convert topic to PM (as admin)
  • Invite Group (as admin)

  • OP gets removed, and no record is left. User does not receive notifications about replies

I’m wondering if it’s because that test user doesn’t have permission to speak to that group? I’ll have another pop. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve lost myself in this a bit, so may have to go and have a lie down, but it seems to lose the OP at the point of topic->PM conversion:

The OP has no record for that topic in topic_allowed_users


That seems to be what is being reported.

It seems that this is a new behaviour. I don’t know if it’s intentional, but it seems like a bug that you would remove the topic originator from a message when you change it to a PM?

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I thought it seemed unusual. I couldn’t think of a circumstance where you’d convert and want to lose the OP as a participant?


The only recent commit I can find that I think might relate is FIX: Update user stat counts when post/topic visibility changes. (#15… · discourse/discourse@b876ff6 · GitHub but it doesn’t look like it should be connected. Perhaps something else is changing topic_allowed_users in some way that I don’t understand.

I’m seeing the same behaviour on other sites too. Seems a bit odd to ‘kick’ the OP out when the public topic is moved to a private one. Not a fan of talking to myself, but that’s how it ends up :slight_smile:

Thanks, Matthew. Do you think that this is a regression of some kind? Do you believe that this “remove the OP from the topic when it’s made private” is a feature, or a bug?

My guess would be a bug.

I can’t see why you would convert a public thread to a PM, and then talk to yourself? Or maybe I’m just not mad enough for that :sweat_smile:

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This is still proving to be an issue for us.

Is this a bug, or is this intended? Can anyone confirm, please?

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I believe this was fixed in the Latest release. If you upgrade it should all be sorted. :+1:

(and I’ve just tested it on my test site, and it works for me)


Thanks, @JammyDodger! I hadn 't noticed that commit. @Parker1090 , your site is updating now.