Make RSS Polling Post In A Specific Topic

Now I don’t know if this is possible, but I used the rss polling plug-in and I have an RSS feed. However, I want that feed to post in a specific topic rather than a category. Is it possible to make a post in a topic and just add to the thread?

No, the plugin is setup to create a new topic for each feed item. Creating a new post in a predefined topic from an RSS feed would be technically possible, but it’s not a feature that is going to be added to the RSS Polling plugin.

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Is there a tutorial that I can follow to add that function?

Thanks for your response!

I don’t think so. It would require a completely new plugin. That plugin would need to parse an RSS feed and add create posts for each feed item in a pre-defined topic. The RSS Polling plugin’s code would be a good starting point. It would show you how to parse an RSS feed.


I am unable to get the RSS feeds I am testing to post in the specified categories. They show up as topics, but in no category.

Can you please help? Thanks in advance!