Reply button right after topic start

I see that there is a button to reply the topic right after the topic start. Doesn’t this lead users to post replies without reading the conversation? What is the benefits of this kind of choice in a fórum?

Can you post a screen shot? It’s unclear which button you’re referring to. :smile:

I think I know what he means

Note that

  • the reply button at the bottom, for replying to the topic, has much stronger visual emphasis

  • for anonymous / not logged in users we don’t put a reply button on each post, only at the bottom of the topic.

  • our editor overlay does not block anyone from continuing to read the topic as they begin to compose their response.

  • when you do reply, we drag you to the bottom of the topic, which is very much by design… so you can see your reply, but also so that you are at the current endpoint of the conversation.

So there is a balance to be struck here. Any discussion needs replies, and ideally you read the whole conversation before replying, but how much is too much?


It also makes the flow of conversation more clear if you can reply specifically to one person’s post, rather than the entire topic. I quite often read the whole thing and then go back up to reply to a specific post.

Replying specifically to your post to demonstrate to the OP the difference.

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Hi guys, sorry if I was not clear. But Jeff got the point. My worry is
about the users replying without reading the other posts. I think this
might cause some trouble and I was looking for the reasons why this was
done this way. Thanks.

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They both do different things though (ie the ones at the top are for replying specifically to an individual post. The one at the bottom replies to the entire thread.