Make tags look like clickable links

(Stefan Brand) #1

Hello everybody and Happy Easter! :slight_smile:

It seems that people at our Discourse instance don’t seem to recognize tags as clickable. Bold script usually is not clickable per-se, so I’m looking for a way to alter the look of inline tags (possibly with CSS?). Ideally they should look the same as any other URL: #tagging.

How can we achieve that?

(Daniela) #2


a.hashtag {color: #08c;}

but keep in mind that any changes you make on the tag (in a post) will also be done on the categories (the class is the same).
So if you change color for tags (e.g. #tagging) you change color to all the categories too (e.g. #support).

(Stefan Brand) #3

Thank you very much, I will forward this to the admins! :slight_smile: