How to make a hashed tag clickable in posts?

I saw somewhere that tags are clickable when in text. But mine is not:

I haven’t found any relevant setting in the “Tags” section in Settings page. Am I missing something?

If it’s not at the beginning of a line, # should give you a selector that will match both topics and tags. If it doesn’t work for some reason, or you are too impatient for them to populate you can use #tag-name::tag.

You probably have to type a few letters before a tag will match. Here I have to type #pr before #pr-welcome is suggested and not just categories.

Thanks, so is this the way for the sustem to distinguish between tags and categories when using a # sign?

Also, for some reason, for this particular tag there are no entries in a dropdown box. Adding ::tag suffix manually does not help either:

Any ideas why it does not work?

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Maybe it only works for ascii tags?


Non english hashtags didnt worked for us either. Not sure that DS supports nonEnglish htags by design.

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