Make the view topic email option more visible?

Ever since the %{respond_instructions} footer got the topic URL wrapped in text, it’s been harder to use.

Just now I ended up trying to unsubscribe from a topic because I found the Click here words first.

some ideas…

  • put all three of those sentences each on their own line?

  • have the visit the topic be at the end of its sentence?

What are some others?

Generally you put the action you want people to take at the top, first.

@sam objected to the full URL of the topic appearing in the email footer.

I am not sure we need the words “in your browser”

“To respond, reply to this email or [visit the topic].”


How about dropping the font size of the second paragraph a bit as well?

Quick example (wouldn’t want it quite that small though):

To respond, reply to this email or visit the topic.

To stop receiving notifications for this particular topic, click here. To unsubscribe from these emails, change your user preferences.

Making it slightly smaller de-prioritises it without obfuscating it.


I tried that in the footer, but it gets a little “ransom-note” esque with font sizes changing all over the place for no discernable reason. I wonder if using a lighter color for that line would be better, instead?

Anyway, I agree that shortening the text and putting the link at the end can only help so I did check that bit in.