Make theme translations accessible from CSS

Actually, theme settings are accessible from CSS but not theme translations.

Would be nice to make it translatable

For example, in DiscoTOC theme component, we have this setting:

used in css:

Adding text via CSS is kind of a last resort workaround because it’s not accessible, I don’t think we should encourage it by supporting it with additional features.


Could such a thing be achievable through a plugin though?

A plugin to enable translations in SCSS… anything is possible, but it would be very messy. For example, you would somehow need to compile different CSS assets for each locale. I would strongly recommend not trying to do this.

One possible idea… but not a recommendation (i.e. you’re on your own if you attempt this :stuck_out_tongue: )

I understand this is a bad idea

You could do something like this in the theme javascript'--my-translation-name', `"${ I18n.t(themePrefix("my-translation-name")) }"`);

And then in the css

 &:before {
    content: var(--my-translation-name);

This could break in many ways - if you put a quote or special characters in the translation it will break. If you try and use it in IE11, it will break.


I also don’t support making translations accessible in theme CSS :+1:

As for the example in your post @evantill, that’s going to be removed in the next update for that theme component.


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