Make topic dates be full dates

How would I go about changing the date displayed to a full date, for example: August '15 for a post in 2015 turns into August 7th, 2015.
Couldn’t find a setting for this.

Hi there,

You can do it with css, target the title attribute like this.

Paste this to /admin/customize/themes components tab in a new component css section. I think in desktop view it will be ok but on mobile or smaller screens it could cause problems. {
  a span[title] {
    visibility: hidden;
    &:after {
      content: attr(title);
      visibility: visible;

It will looks like this format.
Screenshot 2021-08-22 at 20.24.01


Thank you so much, this works on both mobile and desktop.
If anyone thinks the title is unclear, please make sure to tell me (or just change it) so anyone else that wants to know can find this.

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