Making the status of scheduled topics easier to see

We’re using the topic timer function to schedule automatic topic publishing for a month long event in our community. While the feature works fine, the state of scheduled posts is not always easy to see. Here are two suggestions that would help us:

On the topic view, the schedule indicator does not include the exact date and time (which matter to us):

This topic will be published to #inktober-2019 in 6 days.

Just show the exact date and time here? Maybe

This topic will be published to #inktober-2019 on Oct 20, 13:00 (6 days).

  1. In the topic list there’s no indication that a topic is actually scheduled. Adding the scheduling information would help us check everything at a glance:


We should try to get the basic clock glyph in here at minimum maybe? It is a very nice idea.


*performs incantation to revive awesome, but dead idea*

…and does anyone know of any way to visualize all the scheduled topics?

I’m imagining some topic list, or calendar-like visualization. Then I can start there and go, “oh, yeah, I need to write that post for next Wednesday to stay on the planned publishing schedule.” Even just the ability to sort a topic I’m looking at by the scheduled publication (but that feels too brute force across the entire platform -ish)

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I agree with the sentiment, maybe a search query parameter would make sense here?

If there is immediate need, a Data Explorer query would work.

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