Managing "Voting" Roadmap Features

When you have a “Voting” feature in your forum and you deliver the feature:

  • How do you handle the topic, do you archive, close, move to a new category?
  • How do you manage follow-up requests?
  • How do you preserve the votes and conversation?

Example, we will soon release this: Simultaneous Streaming (Multi-camera viewing) - Roadmap - Wyze Community and it’s currently listed along with other requests that we haven’t worked on yet.

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Depending on your community and their expectations I think I’d close the topic (as we do) and then if a feedback topic is started, link to it from the closed feature topic.


You retain it on the same category? How do we segregate it from other requests that are still open. Can we disable the votes after we close it but keep the voting open for others?

The topic closed icon should signify that. You could use tags as well to make it more obvious. Closing the topic will return the votes for that topic but it won’t affect voting on other topics.


Here’s how we use it over on the forum I administer for the company I work for: