How are you using your Voting category?

Fellow forum admins, if you’re using the feature voting system, I would love to learn how you’re using it.

Right now my workflow is as follows:

  • Users post features in a category called Suggestions where they’re voted on.
  • This category is a subcategory of our Meta category.
  • When a suggestion is completed, the topic is moved to the parent Meta and then marked “solved”.

I would prefer to keep all suggestions with resolutions in the same category and just deemphasize them in the list but I think they probably needs a major redesign of that category’s view.

Anyone have a better workflow for this?


The process that I’m using is based around tags and closing the topics.

All suggestions are in a suggestions category, and can be voted on there. When we’re planning to do something, I apply the “planned” tag; when it’s underway, I apply the “underway” tag, and when it’s complete, I apply the “complete” tag. Once an item has been completed, I additionally set the topic to automatically close two weeks later, so that people get their votes back.

To accommodate feedback on completed items, I have a separate “Feature feedback” category. I would dearly love to be able to close off votes without closing off the conversation on the original suggestion, though.

So that all of this works, I’ve customised the look of the specific tags I’m using – “planned” is yellow, “underway” is blue, and “complete” is green. I’ve also tweaked the styling of the vote count for topics you’ve voted on.


I love the use of tags, @barryvan. Thanks for the insight!


We are a photo editing software company, and I use the vote plugin to gauge interest in certain feature requests:


We are a staffing software company, and we use a category for Feature Requests that our community can contribute to. We do our billable development engagements separately, but when people want free stuff, they post in our Discourse and those with high community support find their way into development work items. Some of our staff members also submit their ideas here, even if the customer wasn’t interested in doing so, if they like the idea as well.