Manifest changeable color variables


I wonder if that be possible to make the manifest (android splash screen) more customizable. I mean that would be so much help to make better design if some value could be modified.

Is that possible to add some site settings to make these color variables changeable? For example change the background-color: secondary to tertiary or a fix hex value? Or option to hide title etc…

On the android splash screen if I use transparent background png then it will automatically add a black background to the logo which is looks bad on light mode where secondary color is white. So the splash screen background also white. If I set a logo which has got background for example white then it will be good on light mode because the splash screen background also white but not so nice on dark mode.

What I trying now is add a blue backgrounded logo and I would like to make the splash screen background color and theme color also blue fixed on both light and dark mode. This is possible with changing secondary and header_background variables but these affects the whole site not just splash screen.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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