Manifest.json has orientation set to portrait, Users cannot turn device to landscape

When a User has installed the android web app via the “Add to Homescreen” feature the device is locked in the portrait orientation. Especially on a tablet, this is annyoing.

The manifest.json route is configured to point here: app/controllers/metadata_controller.rb, where the manifest.json rendered.

I logged into the docker container, removed the orientation: portrait line, but the changes are not taking; the delivered manifest.json still looks the same. I tried rake tmp:clear && rake tmp:create and also rake assets:clobber assets:precompile without succces. As you might have guessed, I am a ruby/rails novice. Does anyone know what to do, so that the changes takes effect?

I like the feature quite a lot but maybe the orientation could be moved to SiteSetting.web-app-orientation or something similar?

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Direct Link to github:

Actually I don’t see why we are locking it to portrait.