Manually Activate Users (Not Just Invite)

What would you like done? I’d like a new column with a button per row (Invited User) that shows “Activate User” and it will automatically set a password for them (doesn’t need to email it to them). They’ll then receive at least the digest notifications. We’ve moved everyone from a mailing list software and not everyone is savvy enough to setup an account (I know it sounds crazy, but it’s a reality), and they’re all volunteers.

Here’s the column that I’m thinking… /u//invited/pending

When do you need it done? Not a strict timeline, but the sooner the better. Just so everyone starts getting the notifications that they need.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task? It’s for a non-profit, so I’ll likely be donating whatever the cost, personally. That said, I realize these things take time (cost money), so I’m open to proposals. I’m new to Discourse, so I’m not familiar with what to expect.

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Isn’t this going to be done just once at the transition? It’s likely easier to just activate everyone at the rails console. Something like

User.all.update_all(active: true)

I think here is a better solution for you to migrate the entire mailing list:


Oh! Yes, since a considerable part of my income comes from imports, I’d assumed that they’d already done the import or I’d have suggested that!

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I doubt that the import script will ever send invites?

Seems like they pulled the emails and sent a bulk invite to everyone?


Thanks fellas. I did use the bulk import tool, but I could get the remaining ones back into a spreadsheet to import.

You’re right, it’s just for this initial list, so one of these should work. I’ll check it out.

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