Import from phpList CSV

I am considering moving an announcement (newsletter) mailing list to a Discourse category.

I’m currently using the best open source software for email newsletters, so I accept that the change might not be the best idea! Though I don’t use many of its advanced features.

The idea would be to draw newsletter subscribers to the forum in the hope that some will be intrigued and participate. Also, they could decide on what other categories to watch and what emailed notifications to receive, all in one place.

PhpList can export the subscriber list to a CSV file. What would be the best way to import this? There are no usernames but I could create these automatically before importing.

I believe I have already locked down all Discourse’s privacy-related settings so that the user list is not visible etc.

Or would you recommend sending invitations instead, as in Multiple Use Invite Links? That could be a way of refreshing the list to ensure it only includes people who are still interested.