Manually approve all new posts

Hi, can someone help me how can I make setting so that all the posts will be approved by moderator or admin. & then it will publish

Thanks in advance!

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The settings you are looking for are approve unless allowed groups and approve new topics unless allowed groups. Every user who is not a member of a group in those settings has to wait until their post is approved.


review every post

Send every new post to the review queue for moderation. Posts are still published immediately and are visible to all users. WARNING! Not recommended for high-traffic sites due to the potential volume of posts needing review.

I thought this would be less helpful because the spam posts would still be visible.

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review every post catches people out all the time. It sends every post to the review queue but crucially doesn’t send them for approval, only for ‘review’ after they’ve been published.


Ahh noted, thanks :wink:

The description is so long I just didn’t read it :sweat_smile:

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