Feature request: Please add "Dismiss All" notifcations link to User Activty Widget box

Feature request.

When there is a notification there is no way to mark all unread notifications as read (AKA Dismiss all) from the same user activity widget (or whatever you call it) see image below.

But if you go to https://meta.discourse.org/u/YOURUSERNAME/notifications this can be done from this scree. See below.

Can I request we have an option to do this from the same user activity widget box?

It’s just these notifications can get annoying and I don’t want my users to have to navigate around in order to turn them off and would rather they have a simpler solution.

Notifications go away when you interact with the cause of the notification, either by clicking the notification or navigating manually to the cause (like my post in the above example).

If users don’t want the notifications, they can disable them via user preferences.

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Understand all that which is why I am asking for a new feature.

I would prefer if my users can mark all as read in one instant without having to navigate away from the box that shows them their notifications and clearly this is possible.

It’s also been engineered in web users for a long time. All email offers this and Facebook to.

EDIT: maybe not a standard or requirement as such but if we are supposed to be the next gen software, we should behave in next gen ways :slight_smile:

@codinghorror what are your thoughts on this?

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