Mark as Solved for custom groups

Be default the mark as solved plugin allows post authors and the staff group to mark things as solved. We don’t have all our team members in the staff group, as that group also includes discourse team members and we didn’t want to create confusion.

I can’t see an explicit setting for this so wanted to ask - is there a way to grant an additional group to allow marking as solved?

Out-the-box we allow all tl4 users the ability to accept any solution (configurable with accept_all_solutions_trust_level

tl4 is a manual trust level and is designed for high trust individuals such as employees, it can not be achieved automatically.

I recommend for your “internal elastic” group you set Trust level automatically granted to members when they're added: to 4 in the group config.

Note, regarding Discourse staff feel free to “unstaff” any of us.


Awesome, thanks for that!