Markdown isn't parsing/displaying some content properly

The following text appears not be be parsed properly by Markdown. Here’s an image of what is entered:

Below here shows how it renders

Some fenced code

This should be a list:

  1. List Item One
  2. List Item Two
  3. List Item Three
  4. List Item Four

Some links in another list:

A regular sentence

some more fenced code
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See my edit…

If you have a tripple quote thing and have a trailing space after the tripple quote stuff gets weird.

Will be far better in our new markdown engine.


By the way – in case it is relevant for development of the new markdown engine – the bad behavior is different when there’s a space after the opening ``` versus the closing ``` of a block.

In the new engine you can have trailing spaces after the closing code fence

And you can even have trailing spaces after opening fence