Odd markdown results - unexpected whitespace removal

The following markdown seems to remove white space between letters on the 2nd line

Markdown Code

`leosomethingelse` - `leo address 1` - created `1 year ` - mem `period 11` & `period 12` -  seen `6 hours ago`
`leo` x `leo address 2` - created `>10 years` - mem `period 05 to period 08` - seen `never on this planet`

Actual Result

Expected Result

As it displays on here right now

leosomethingelse - leo address 1 - created 1 year - mem period 11 & period 12 - seen 6 hours ago
leo x leo address 2 - created >10 years - mem period 05 to period 08 - seen never on this planet


Introducing a new line between the two lines displays this result, noting the white space between characters on the 2nd line is correct:


Below are some specific information on how to reproduce the bug and simplified testcases (planned to post this as a bug report, but noticed there is an existing similar thread, so commenting instead):

Bug: whitespace disappears after two adjacent inline code fragments

There is no visible whitespace (though there is in source markdown) after two adjacent code fragments if:

  • the fragments are separated with whitespace or with a single nonwhitespace character not surrounded with whitespace;
  • and there is another inline code fragment after noncode text placed after the first two code fragments.


foo bar (not code) code.

foo/bar (not code) code.

For nonwhitespace separator, a workaround is to add a space before and/or after the separator:

foo / bar (not code) code.

I am not aware of a workaround for fragments separated with just whitespace.

This looks like a specific bug of the Discourse flavor of Markdown since, for example, GitHub’s markdown parser is not affected.

We will revisit this when we move to our new markdown engine https://markdown-it.github.io

Can you test there?

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Looks like markdown-it.github.io Markdown implementation is not affected by the bug at least with my testcases.

What is an approx. schedule for replacing the existing Discourse’s MD engine with the new one? Thanks.

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I don’t think we have moved to Markdown-it yet, because single spaces between backticks are eaten up in (here’s the raw post code):


and this doesn’t happen at https://markdown-it.github.io/

Fixed, OP was rebaked per:


For, ###Notes to be a heading you now need to add a space between # and N, this is by design and a big confusion reducer.