Mass promotion to TL2 via manual command?

Editing my original post with additional question:

  • I changed the new requirements for TL2 but promotions don’t seem to happen. There are a few users now with a TL2 level but it is unclear why they have had the promotion and others have not. They all should have by now since days visited was set to 0.

Is there a rails command I can use or a job in sidekiq I can trigger so it will go through all users and promote them?

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Below is original question

Before doing something stupid I would first like to check with you :wink:

Case: I have migrated my old forum to discourse now (hurray!). Due to the TL settings they now are all “basic member”, and this lead to some disgruntled long time members.

So what I want to do now is to set the TL2 requirements in such a way that my old members will be promoted to TL 2 instantly (remove the days visited, topics entered, reading time and likes required, and only leave post count criteria since that data was moved over from the old forum)

What I think then happens is that within 24 hours all 12000 “old members” will be promoted to TL2.

Then I want to set it back to the “standard” TL2 settings (15 days visited, likes, etc), so the “real” new members wont be promoted that fast.

Question: will everyone that has TL2 then keep that? Or will they also be demoted back.

and a detail: most old accounts are still deactivated (had to do that during migration/test period to make sure nobody got emailed) - will the TL2 promotion still happen on deactivated users?

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Yes that should work.


I just changed the requirements. Is there a job I can trigger in sidekiq so it processes them? I only saw jobs:TL3promotions but I guess that isn’t it (or is it)
Thank you once again!

I hope someone notices my question,( edited in first post) I don’t want to start a new topic, but maybe I have to?

As of now, only 3 folks have been promoted when it should have been 12000? So it seems an action of the user is needed for the promotion and it doesn’t do it automatically.

Is there a job I can trigger or a rails command I can run so it will go through all the users and promote them if they meet the new TL2 criteria?

Thank you for your insights! :slight_smile: