Issue with Trust Levels

Ive kept a category private to TL3 and Ive had numerous people saying they cant view it but meet the requirements. I checked one and it under TL3 it shows he has all the requirements and says will be promoted soon.

Why isnt this instant and can we make it instant? Also I have the topics viewed requirement set to 1. But its showing 125 in the requirements section.

Can you share a link to your site?

The job on sidekiq that controls the promotion of users to TL3 run once a day, so it is possible that users who have met the requirements are promoted only the day after.

You should first update the forum to beta 2 and see if the problem persists.
I’ve just changed the settings for the TL3 that are modified without problems.

If the problem persists you should try the safe-mode first, if it does not work you should disable all the unofficial plugins and do the rebuild only with the official ones.


I havent tried to update from the dashboard. Is that safe to try?

Sure, if docker_manager is up to date you can upgrade all at once with no downtime

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can you sum up the things to do / check when a user is “will be promoted soon” status for more than a week ?

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