Mass Revoking Badges

Is there a way to mass revoke a badge/badges? I mean, this is painful to have to manually revoke all 20 - 60 badges:

Or is there a different way to do this?

  1. Don’t ask who that is and their name. Just a moderator.
  2. We all have some immaturity in our lives (see replies).

I think to do this, you will need to use command line administrative bulk actions:


UHhhhhhhhhhh… yeahhhhh I’ll just do it manually.


  1. I don’t know if I’m supposed to mark my own post as the solution but oh well.
  2. [insert noises of pain here]

Edit 2: I found a better way to mass revoke a badge. If you’re on mobile, place one hand over the revoke button and the other where the button for confirming the confirmation is.


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