Material Design Stock Theme

Would it be feasible to use this theme’s reply/new topic button(s) in a separate theme, possibly as a component?

An issue with photos

On mobile the theme with photos goes outside the card is there a possible fix? repro here on meta

Do you not know any CSS at all? Likely all you need to do is set overflow rules on the container.

Just Googled it and that worked Thanks sorry about the newbiew question still learning I’ve been so use to not having these issues I used the following code

div {
  overflow: hidden

Isn’t Showing my Drop Down list on the home page any more.

You’d want to make the selector much more specific than that, otherwise your CSS change will have unintended consequences.

Ya I just figured that out Im looking up the code now I got it to work and hide it but like you said it had issues with the drop down on the latest and when creating a new topic

I think there’s an issue with this theme as the “tracking” button shows a (new) gray bullet, while the dropdown menu shows a (as usual) red bullet.

If it matters, i liked better the red color instead of the gray one

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