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:information_source: Summary A theme featuring brutalist web aesthetics.
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Internet blue, tight line heights, Arial x Times New Roman, marquees…I am excited to share this theme inspired by aesthetics of the brutal web and platforms such as craigslist and Wikipedia. :smiley:

Designed for a large quantity of topics.




  • Proper preview link
  • Pull more than 3 topics per category for boxes with featured topics view
  • Optimizing other category views + mobile
  • Dark mode!

More customizations to be made, but all comments and feedback welcome! :smile:


I tried and it was not for me — matter of taste and no biggie. But I couldn’t switch back to another theme because in my settings was one very important button missing: save :wink:


Thanks for trying it! Is your save button missing? :thinking:



Well, I should try if it was because I changed theme from footer of the sidebar and that option was missing too. Or if it came from some component. But… I’m just now drinking my first coffee of the morning :wink:

I’ll dig in further if I’m the only one.

And… beta14, iPad and the Hub.

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This is Awesome to have! :+1:

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If you expedite a basic dark-mode as next iteration that would be extra-awsome.

Then I can stick with this theme 24/7.

The condensed listing is great!