Mathjax does not work with chinese punctuation

Hi. The current Mathjax plugin can be quite annoying, for it only supports English punctuation.

For instance, $1+1$ is ok

However,$1+1$ fails. This really misses the point of rendering Mathjax. This only renders Mathjax for English only.

I use Mathjax for my blog. The original Mathjax or KaTeX works well with Chinese punctuation.

discourse: latest
discourse-mathjax-plugin: latest
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any help of advice please?

I think this is the issue… do you want to try a PR for it and see if it fixes the issue for you?

Thanks for your help. It seems complex for me to deal with this. However, if you utilize MathJax like the official instruction. It should work without some heavy modifications. Have you ever checked this?

I believe this can be a huge bug for the MathJax plugin. Hope someone can fix it. :smile:



Just a gentle reminder that it’s much easier for everyone to follow along if posts include an English translation. :pray:


PR here: should be merged soon.

Thanks so much! However, it still lacks one important feature. If there is no punctuation before the equation, it should also be rendered in Chinese grammar. For instance, 我们拿出$k$个向量

Thanks for your kind help!