Max Emojis In Title Bypass

Users on our Discourse forum are able to bypass our “max emojis in title” limit by having the emoji up against the word just prior to it.

Example: This is:emoji: an emoji:emoji: bypassing:emoji: title

User bypassing our limit:

We’ve confirmed on our end that the emoji in title limit is currently at 0, while this user in the example above used 3.

Please let me know if more information is needed. Thanks!


If this is an easy fix I support it @sam … if not then no.


If this is looked into, it’s worth mentioning that when emojis are not followed by a space, they actually don’t render at all in titles.

With space between emoji and text:

Without space between emoji and text:

To be clear, this happens with emojis in any position and not just not in the first position of the title.

There’s an exception to this which is when there are consecutive emojis (no spacing):

So, emojis seem to require to be followed by a space to render properly, unless they are followed by another emoji. And if they are not proceeded by a space, it actually bypasses the max emojis in title limit.

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