Max emojis in title set to 0 - conflicting with emoji shortcuts

Not sure if this qualifies as a bug, pretty minor issue, but something to take a look at:

On our forum we have max emojis in title set to 0 — but I noticed one still displaying on a new post. Looking at the actual title text posted I see the user typed :) so it must have been auto-converted.

I’m guessing this is a conflict with the enable emoji shortcuts setting, and conversion from emoticon > emoji may just need to be restricted in titles to take into account the max emojis in title setting.


I am not sure about auto conversion of shortcuts in title at all. But the failure mode here does not feel right regardless.

We should either say:

You are not allowed to include any emojis in your title

Or special case it so when this is 0 we simply bypass all emoji unescape for titles.

My vote here:

  1. If it is set to 0, we special case it so there is no emoji unescape for titles, do no emoji count validation on save.

  2. We confirm that we properly count :) conversions to emoji so you can not bypass default of 1 with :) :) :)

@techAPJ not urgent to sort this out but please add to your list.


Special casing emoji unescape for titles required changes in many places in our codebase so for now I improved emoji validation so we properly count emoji shortcuts :), and improved the error message when emoji is disabled in titles.