Max_replies initializing at member trust level?

I have a user reporting getting the message about consecutive replies but his trust level is ‘member’ and has been for some time.

From the wording of the setting this should only be affecting new users (trust level 0 I assume).

Is there another scenario he might be getting that message from an anti-spamming pov?

He just screen shot the messages as he got them again.

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He’s running into the limit set by your max consecutive replies site setting. That setting defaults to 3 and is applied to all non-staff users on the site.


Thanks for the clarification Simon. :slight_smile:

Should not the text state that though and not “Maximum number of replies a new user can make…”?

Also as I have users that write blog entries on their topics and assuming they don’t have anyone replying to them, is there a time element involved in this check? Meaning is it more than 3 consecutive responses in a single 24hr period or what?

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I think the description is accurate. It’s somewhat confusing, because there are two max replies settings:

  • newuser max replies per topic: “Maximum number of replies a new user can make in a single topic until someone replies to them.”
  • max consecutive replies: “Number of posts a user has to make in a row in a topic before being prevented from adding another reply.”

Both settings have a default value of 3. The first setting targets new users, the second setting applies to all users.



Ahh… sorry, clearly I didn’t realize there were 2 settings in play here.

That makes sense then.

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