Max topics per day - setting a non-integer number

I’ve noticed that ‘max topics per day’ can be set to non-integer numbers. E.g. 0.334. I’m curious if anyone knows if setting this to 0.334 works like I assume it would and allow 1 topic per 3 days for example?

I tried setting ‘rate limit create topic’ and ‘rate limit new user create topic’ to a period longer than 1 day, with ‘max topics per day’ set to 1. Seems that a user could still post a new topic significantly before the rate limit cooldown since their last topic (for a topic that didn’t require manual approval in the review queue, previous post did require manual approval however). So I’m adjusting settings trying to figure out how to prevent that.


Did you refresh the settings page to see if it did get set to that value?


Ah, thanks @fzngagan - after refreshing the page the ‘max topics per day’ number has been set to 0.


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