MD Composer extras

I’ve done as you suggested and suppressed my unwanted ones like this:

// Hides unneeded buttons from the MD Composer Extras TC 
.d-editor-button-bar {
    .superscript_button,.subscript_button, .align_center_button,.align_right_button, .align_justify_button {
        display: none;

However, it would be really nice to be able to choose which buttons to include in the TC settings for this. I wonder if this could be done by simply making it so that if there is no text in the setting for a button then it would not be created.

I had a go doing this but it was beyond my meagre skills; I just couldn’t manage to make each bit conditional upon the relevant setting.

Hi Steven# Very nice component but have found a minor bug. Superscript has a minor error. see below.

Closing with /sub instead of /sup


Just a thought you could likely have an all in one that uses settings toggles on the advanced version.

ie a Toggle if using bbcode plugin and both could have options to hide buttons or add buttons to bar. With the same if admins want to exclude options in the :gear: dropdown.

I am still pretty green learning css. However a complimentary component could likely be made for extra bling to organise the dropdown with cascading dropdown…

ie Main dropdown gear with color option picker.

:gear: .
Insert Poll
Insert Table
Text COLOR. > Red

One might be able to group other formatting options in the drop down and/or toolbar to have a menu to choose a formatting option.

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Thanks, I’ve pushed a fix on this issue.


Your very welcome and thank you very kindly for the speedy response and fix! :vulcan_salute::sunglasses::handshake:

I would recommend updating your Op Post to include how to use the optional branch install. I found your “color” and “simple” branch alternatives.

In your color branch I made a small change to the bbcode_color

in “Desktop\Head” - line 65 and “€Mobile\Head*” - line 96

“[color=##233]” to “[color=name]” As will be making a guide for my WiP site on changing name to colorname.

The hex value is not the one you had. Just put that as a ref to kind of what it was.

I am still green on things and will need to make a github and learn how-to fo pull requests sometime.

Thank you very much for this uncomplicated and featureful component! Very much appreciated.

And a small suggestion, would it be possible to use the Markdown convention of ~~this~~ for strikethrough instead of the more verbose <s></s> convention?

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