Automatically unsubscribe users from Digest emails who constantly do not open it

Our community is growing, so do the number of weekly digests sent out each week and thus the costs for Sendgrid.

I assume that only a fraction really reading the digests, thus we’re probably sending out a lot of emails in vain.

Is there a plan to provide more visibility via Discourse into click and open email stats?

It would be also good to have a setting like, if a user has not opened (or clicked any link) the last X digests the user will be automatically unsubscribed from it, in order to save costs.


There already is a setting to not send the digest if the person did not log in for a specific time. It’s called suppress digest email after days.


Fair enough, I did not know about this. Not exactly the same, but certainly helpful anyways to lower the Digests sent out. Thanks for the heads up :+1:


I think I remember a similar question, and the developers were against tracking this, for privacy reasons (not 100% sure).

Also I wonder how reliable it would be. Usually these things use invisible/small images don’t they? A lot of people choose not to “display external images” when reading emails.


Some email providers automatically strip/block images from loading before showing the message (for security purposes). The user then has to click Show images to see what they are. :neutral_face: