Users page shows only me "the admin"

Hi, I need help.

This is a fresh install. I invited a user using my admin account and also asked someone to register, all successful.

The problem is on the Users page, I see only my profile no other profile. Please help

How long ago did the user sign up? Please don’t quote me on this but I recall seeing a site setting a while ago about new users taking 8 hours to be counted.

Thanks for the quick reply. It’s been 20 hours.

Do you mean the User Directory?

There’s a background job that populates that once a day. You can speed it up by triggering the job manually from your /sidekiq page (Jobs::DirectoryRefreshOlder). Though if you flip the time period to ‘Today’, that one runs more frequently (hourly) and you should see them on there.

You should also be able to see them from your /admin/users/list/active or /admin/users/list/new page too in the admin section.


Thank you, it worked.

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