Memberstack + Webflow + Discourse SSO

Hello - I have seen some older posts on this but nothing current. I asked this question in the memberstack forum as well…

I am working on a project to build a new private/closed community and I am interested in using memberstack + webflow and SSO to discourse for the community platform. I am under the impression that this is now supported with custom SSO integration. I specifically need to make sure I can have users authenticated into webflow pages and then seamlessly navigate to Discourse community site. I have seen comments suggesting it’s possible and I’ve seen the Memberstack SSO doc, but looking to see if there is any more specific information related to discourse integration. Anyone using a setup like this using memberstack to manage SSO for Discourse? I need to test it out as soon as possible. Thanks.


Yes, this is now supported! Memberstack now allows you to use Memberstack as an OpenID Connect provider: This will allow users to login to your Discourse site through Memberstack. If you configure your Discourse site so that OpenID Connect is the only available login option on the site, logging into Discourse from your Webflow pages will be a seamless process for your users. (Note: don’t remove the option to login to your Discourse site with a username/password until you’ve confirmed that OpenID Connect logins are working.)

For this to work you’ll need to have the Discourse OpenID Connect plugin installed on your Discourse site. Details about configuring that plugin are here: Discourse OpenID Connect.

I recommend watching the video in the Memberstack documentation that I linked to before attempting to configure OpenID Connect logins for your Discourse site. It takes you through the process of configuring Memberstack OpenID Connect logins to work with the test site at After you’ve done that, setting up OpenID Connect authentication for Discourse should be a straightforward process.

If there are any existing Discourse sites that have configured OpenID Connect authentication with Memberstack, it would be great to hear from them.


@simon Thanks so much for the input and confirming this should work! I was hoping to get this kind of validation before I went too far down the path with Webflow. I am using this to run a pilot program and I want to test memberstack + webflow + discourse during the pilot. So this is just to prove out MVP and it’s very possible I will move to something very different longer term (except Discourse… definitely keeping that!).

Since this memberstack OpenID support is fairly new I would be happy to hear if there is anyone here who is actually using this kind of setup in production.