Mention of site settings

There are a lot of different ways site settings are mentioned. Sometimes you use underscores, sometimes not. Sometimes a setting is surrounded by ’ or `, sometimes there is nothing. That leads to the problem that those setting names are sometimes translated. Depending on the writing, the suggestions in Crowdin translate those settings or not. Since searching for a translated setting in Discourse does not work, translators have to pay attention to correct the suggestion in those cases. At least for German, that does not always work[1]. That’s why it would be helpful if you ensure that settings names are not translated by default.
I had a look at some examples of how settings are mentioned at the moment and how the suggestions in Crowdin behave in German and Chinese. It seems underscores are quite helpful to ensure the setting name is not translated.

The `embed topics list` site setting GitHub
(check `allowed_theme_repos` global setting) GitHub
the delete_email_logs_after_days setting GitHub
disable 'search_tokenize_chinese' before GitHub
configure all 'google oauth2 hd' settings GitHub

  1. e.g. invalid_uncategorized_category_setting: ‘Die Kategorie „Nicht kategorisiert“ kann nicht ausgewählt werden, wenn „Nicht kategorisierte Themen zulassen“ nicht aktiviert ist.’ ↩︎

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Saw another version today:


This one clearly highlights that this is a site setting and shouldn’t be translated.

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