Translating site setting names in the future?

Currently site setting names are not translated, so non-English fora have to rely on the description. However it would be beneficial to also translate the name of the site settings so that admins can have more context. I understand that this will be challenging (having to rewrite code that fetches these strings, as well as restructuring the yml files themselves), due to how the yml files are structured (name mapped to description), but, would there be interest in doing this in the far future?

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Yes and that’s put very mildly. Imagine what happens when you change the forum locale.
And if someone asks for help here on meta they can’t find the setting…

MS Excel did localize on such a low level and IMHO that was one of the worst decisions ever.

Relying on the description isn’t so bad?


I think, this is not a good idea.

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Good point – but this could possibly be solved by e.g giving site settings an ID, that does not change across languages.

So you think that a numeric id would be better than the current ID, which is an English phrase?there are already translated descriptions.

No, but rather in addition to. So it could be formatted as %{site_setting_name} (%{id}), or maybe show upon hovering over the name.

I am not sure I understand how this solves anything

You: Settings should be translated since they are hard to understand for some admins that do not speak English
Me: That will introduce all kinds of problems
You: Ok, lets add an ID that nobody understands at all then


Translation of site setting names isn’t going to happen for the reasons already stated. Translated names would be a support nightmare unless we would also display the English name. And then, what’s the point of having translated names in the first place?

I’d rather see improvements to the existing descriptions of settings if some of them are unclear.


Calm down man – this was simply an idea. IDs are a thing in error codes as well. Additionally, user settings are localized, so I didn’t see site setting name localization as hurting anything.

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