Site setting keys are not translateable?


Can we translate these?

If not, we should be imo…

Nope, those are keys to settings and aren’t translatable. Like urls aren’t translatable also.

Bear in mind, the text that explain each of those settings is fully translated.


Why there are not translate able? I mean, from a technical standpoint.

Technically is it possible to make them translate able?

Of course. Just as it would be technically possible to write HTML, CSS and JavaScript in Hindi and map it to English.

I don’t see this as being that big of a problem as long as the values are translatable. And this is in the Admin pages after all.

If this is important to you why not write a “translated key mapped to umtranslated key” plugin?


The point is all people should be able to read all of them in their own language. It doesn’t make sense if setting’s description is translated or not. They shouldn’t be condemned to read foreign language.

Because I don’t know how to write a plugin.

And have you ever seen HTML tags, CSS or JavaScript etc that wasn’t written in English?

I haven’t.

TBH I am somewhat surprised that a programming language hasn’t been written in a language other than English yet (AFAIK). The “de facto” doesn’t mean it’s an absolute “must”

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You’re comparing programming languages with forum software.

Programming languages is different. Because their compiler/interpreter can only understand hardcoded lexical afaik. But in forum software, you can easily translate most of things as we can see in Discourse. So you cannot compare discourse with pl.

There is programming languages exist which not uses English for sure. Google it and you’ll find. English is not an universal language. Of course it is using too much. But I don’t want to dig out why all people use it because it’ll took lots of writing about politics and human manipulation.

We have no plans in the foreseeable future to localise site setting key names, if we did so it would backfire and increase our support burden because we would have no easy way of communicating which site setting needs changing when supporting the site