Mentioning Categories instead of Groups?


(Sam) #37

Ah apologies I didn’t catch that. If the header syntax is changing at some point then there isn’t a conflict (or well, not a permanent one).

Sorry for the mix-up. :slight_smile:

(Kane York) #38

Yeah, I find myself wanting to see the category’s current color chip / badge next to the link.

e.g. #howto should display as , not

Probably best done as a decoratePost() trigger, with #category getting a class on the link that the decorator selects on.

(Dave McClure) #39

Isn’t it solved once the CommonMark spec is finalized and adopted?

Should space be required after # in ATX headers? (MUST)
(Leaving this as it already is - spaces are required.)

(Sam Saffron) #40

Yes, I added a markdown-it-review tag there so we can sort it out when we make the move

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #41

Actually this is a problem that needs to be solved regardless of tags. It’s already possible to run into namespace collisions with Sub-categories.

(Whichever category first claims the namespace will own that namespace, and even if you get to choose between multiple options in the drop-down, the resulting link will always point to the “dominating” category.)

And it’s not such an unlikely scenario. A multilingual forum for instance could have /c/english/support and /c/english/support.

@riking’s suggestion of adding colors would help a lot, but I think it’d be best if also the complete path of the sub-category was shown in the hastag, e.g. #english:support

I think this use case needs to be solved before we throw tags into the mix.

(Alan Tan) #42

Hmm clashing category slug is a problem… I’ll look into a fix for it.

Cannot get this topic out of my unread list due to whispers
How about 'mentioning topic' feature?
(Alan Tan) #43

Ok fix is here :slightly_smiling:

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #46

Posting here to say thanks for the fix…

…and deal with then unremovable unread topic from whispers…

(Alan Tan) #47

Had to fix some styling issues with headers tag. Let me know what you guys think!

(Jeff Atwood) #48

Did we test will bar and box category styles as well? We should definitely test that.

(Alan Tan) #49

I just pushed this #feature for everyone to try it out

I just pushed this #feature for everyone to try it out


(Sam Saffron) #50

Yeah, not sure if we need to be click tracking that internal link :blush:

(Alan Tan) #51

Good point, we actually have code to ignore this.

(Tom Newsom) #52

Very nice :slightly_smiling:
With the addition of Topic mentions (and autocomplete), making interconnected wikis will be much nicer!

Thought: Discoverability
@mentions are easy to understand, because the @ appears in the styled text. If I #mention a category, it hides the #. I foresee lots of “how did you do that?” posts, or worse: people not using the feature because they don’t know how.


(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #53

If I mention #howto, the link is whereas if I mention #howto:tips-and-tricks, the link is

If I follow the former, the “10-” in the link remains, while in the latter the “/45” is cleaned out.

Any good reason for this discrepancy? I like my URLs clean :stuck_out_tongue:

(Alan Tan) #54 is a supported URL and I believe was never implemented because it’ll clash with the routes of child categories. Is the 10 an id or a category name? :smile:

The other link is actually a redirect which is why /45 is removed from the route.

(Alan Tan) #55

Also another feature that I sneaked in unintentionally/intentionally is with regards to how read restricted categories are displayed to users. Instead of decorating the link, read restricted categories will appear as normal text for users who do not have the permission to view the category.

(Alan Tan) #56

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: Just implemented it #feature :+1:

(Sam Saffron) #57

Nahh I object to the hash there, its odd, I vote to remove it @codinghorror ?

(Jeff Atwood) #58

I actually agree with the visible hash, it is like name mentions with no @ symbol, how would you ever learn how to do it?