Menu button on profile page does not work

The menu button on a user profile which can be found on mobile doesn’t work.


Is that something only-here-thing? I don’t have that button anywhere else than here, not even with new parts.

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I can repro this, though I don’t actually know where the button has come from. :slight_smile:

Update: I think I now know where it comes from. :partying_face: Someone is having a look. :+1:


This new button is part of some experimental work we’re doing for the user page on mobile. It shouldn’t have been displayed yet :shushing_face:

Will be cleaned up by FIX: Hide experimental user navigation changes when disabled by davidtaylorhq · Pull Request #18327 · discourse/discourse · GitHub


Hrm… that’s one option.

Alternatively, you could always add a new button that toggles visibility of the other one on and off. :innocent:

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That fix is now deployed to Meta - the button should be gone


:crystal_ball: Ohhh

I can confirm that it is now indeed gone. Buttons around here appear and disappear… magic :magic_wand:

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