Mobile rendering no longer shows User Controls when clicking on User Name

Anyone else noticed with the latest production release that when using from a mobile phone (iPhone 7/iOS 12.1) the layout is messed up when one clicks on the User Favicon

On the top right corner are three icons, Search, Triple Bar and User Favicon

When you click on the User Favicon it supposed to show the User Controls, the Name, Bookmarks, Messages and Preferences gear and below it the list of topic notifications.

The User Controls now no longer show and are hidden (Name, Bookmarks, Messages and Preferences gear) behind the Top forum panel. Infact even the most recent notification is hidden behind the Top forum panel and you can only see the second message and down below there is extra white space below the Logout icon.

It happens with Safari and Chrome

It’s not “messed up”, that’s how it’s supposed to behave in this release. Full size mobile menus that extend from the left or right side of the mobile screen.

Hmm something isn’t right

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Oh I see, that’s an issue specific to the customizations on that site, which we host. We’ll take a look at it cc @awesomerobot


This is what I see on discourse. The User Icon used to show up earlier after clicking on it. Now the menu shows up but the user icon disappears. Is that expected?

Earlier I could click on the icon to close the menu. I don’t see how to close the menu anymore other than trying to tap a corner outside the menu.

Is this also expected?

That’s expected. You can either swipe the menu away or click outside of it.


I’ve made a small update to their theme so the mobile menus don’t interfere with their custom header (though their header nav appears to be broken too, now that I look at it)


Looking good. I don’t see a solved button on your post but it’s resolved. That was quick!! :+1: